Epson EMP-5500 User Manual

About This Manual

About This Manual
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About This Manual
Chapter 1, “Installation”, gives step-by-step instructions on 
how to set-up the projector and connect it to your computer, 
video source, or other external speaker or PA system. Read 
the installation procedures that apply to your environment.
Chapter 2, “Using the Projector”, tells you how to switch the 
projector on/off and control simple projector settings.
Chapter 3, “Using the Menus”, describes how to use the 
menus to adjust the color and image settings, change the 
display of the projected image and modify audio settings such 
as bass and treble.
Chapter 4, “Maintenance”, describes how to maintain the 
Chapter 5, “Troubleshooting”, tells you how to interpret the 
projector’s indicator lights and gives helpful information for 
avoiding errors, optimizing image quality and solving 
Chapter 6,  “Technical Specifications,” lists the technical 
specifications for your EMP-5500 projector.