Epson DFX-8000 User Manual

Using the Two Tractor

Using the Two-Tractor 
The DFX-8000’s  paper handling system consists of a front and a rear
push tractor. Both tractors are easy to load and operate, and both
accommodate a wide variety of paper types, including labels and
multi-part forms. The printer automatically adjusts to the thickness
of your loaded paper, so you don’t need to set the paper thickness
manually. You can use any width continuous paper, from 4 inches
mm) to 
inches (406 mm) wide. Your printer also senses the
paper width automatically.
If you plan to use more than two types of paper, it is best to load
the paper you use most often onto the rear tractor. That way you
can use the front tractor, which is easier to reach, for paper you
change more often.
Positioning the paper supply
Since the DFX-8000 can be loaded with continuous paper from both
the front and the rear, be sure to leave enough room around the
printer for two stacks of fresh paper and a third stack of printed
output. It is also important to keep your stacks of fresh paper
aligned with the paper loaded in the tractor so that the paper feeds
smoothly into the printer.
The following illustration shows three ways to position your printer
and paper: with the front tractor loaded, with the rear tractor
loaded, and with both tractors loaded.
2-2 Paper Handling