Epson DFX-8000 User Manual

Using the Command Summary
Each command description has a format section and a comment
section, The format section gives the ASCII, decimal, and
hexadecimal values for the command. These three formats are
equivalent, and it should be easy to pick the one most suited to
your purpose. The comment section describes the effect of the command
and gives any additional information necessary for using it.
Note: Some application programs can use control key sequences.
See the Control key chart on page 
 for information on using
control keys.
The simplest type of command consists of a single character to be
sent to the printer. For instance, to print in condensed mode the
code format is:
ASCII code:
H e x a d e c i m a l :  
This code can be sent from a program by sending the code 
More complex commands consist of two or more character codes.
For example, to print in double-wide mode the code format is the
ASCII code:
In this case 
can be either 
or   to begin or end double-wide
printing. You can use either of the following commands to turn on
double-wide printing from BASIC:
c o m m a n d