Epson DFX-8000 User Manual

Paper Handling, Problem Solution

Paper Handling
This section describes potential problems with handling continuous
paper and their likely solutions. If you have problems using the
optional pull tractor or paper cutter, see the section on options on
page 7-18.
Problem Solution
The printer does not
feed continuous paper
When you press the
button, the 
does not feed the
The printer may be on line. If the 
indicator is lit, press the 
ON LINE button to
take the printer off line, and 
then try to
feed the paper, After you feed the paper,
press the 
ON LINE button again to put the
printer on line. See page 3-3.
The wrong tractor may be selected. Check
if the correct tractor arrow is lit on the
PAPER SELECT indicator. If the wrong
tractor is selected;’ be sure paper is loaded
to the 
 position on the tractor you
want to use. Then press the FRONT/REAR
button to switch to that tractor.
See pages 2-9 and 2-18.
The printer may be out of paper. Load
paper onto the tractor. The tractor arrow
on the 
PAPER SELECT indicator should be
green. See pages 2-4 and 2-11.