Epson DFX-8000 User Manual

Choosing a Place for the Printer

Choosing a Place for the Printer
When you select a location for your printer, keep the following in
Place the printer on a flat, stable surface.
Place the printer close enough to the computer for the printer
cable to reach.
Leave plenty of room around the printer for your front and rear
stacks of continuous paper as well as your printed output.
Use a grounded outlet; do not use an adapter plug.
Avoid locations that are subject to direct
sunlight, excessive heat, moisture, or dust.
Avoid using electrical outlets that are controlled by wall
switches or automatic timers. Accidental interruption of power
can wipe out information in your computer’s and your printer’s
Avoid using outlets on the same circuit with large motors or
electrical appliances that might cause fluctuations in line voltage.
Keep the entire computer system away from potential sources of
electromagnetic interference; such 
loudspeakers or the base
units of cordless telephones.
Setting Up 
Printer 1-7