Epson DFX-8000 User Manual

Interface Boards

Interface Boards
You can use optional interface boards to supplement your printer’s
built-in serial and parallel interfaces. If 
 know whether
you need an 
 or if you want to know more about
interfaces, contact your 
Choosing an interface
Optional interface boards can be divided into three main categories:
IEEE-488 interfaces that provide standardized connections,
trouble-free operation, and the ability to connect computers,
printers, and other devices on the same line so that they can
share data freely.
Coax and twinax  interfaces that connect directly to the printer
and communicate with 
 IBM minicomputer or mainframe via
coax or twinax  protoco1.  These interfaces allow you to use
Epson printers as local IBM printers without adding any other
circuitry or components.
Serial interfaces, which are required only if you need an
interface that conforms to the Current Loop standard instead of
RS-232C  or that provides 
 data communications
Using the Printer