Epson DFX-8000 User Manual

There are several different versions of the

Unpacking the Printer
There are several different versions of the
printer designed for different electrical standards. The
voltage is shown on the label on the back
of the printer. If the voltage shown is not correct for your
country, contact your dealer. It is not possible to adjust
the printer for use with different voltages.
After you unpack the printer, save the packaging materials in case
you ever need to transport your printer.
Removing the protective materials
The printer is protected during shipping by two brackets, a carriage
guide support bar, and a plastic print head protector. Your printer
may also be protected by several pieces of foam packaging. These
protective items must be removed before you turn on the printer.
After removing the protective materials 
described below, store
them with the other packaging material.
Open the top cover by lifting its front edge up and away from
you. Remove any packing materials in the printer.
Setting Up the Printer