Epson DFX-8000 User Manual

User-defined Characters
Note: This command cancels any user-defined characters you
have created. You must send this command to the printer before
you define 
 2-l is off
before sending.  this command to your 
If you use this command at the beginning of a program, then define
your special characters and select the 
 set,, you can
print with the user-defined character set as your 
set. You never need to switch 
 and forth between sets.
The user-defined character 
 can be used in combination with
 styles (except 
 For example, emphasized and
 work well with user-defined characters,
The sample below shows the heart 
 in two different
In IBM emulation mode, you use a different method to define
characters. For more information, see page 9-50 in the Command
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