Epson DFX-8000 User Manual


User-defined Characters
A value of 136 is suitable for all characters that use the top eight
pins, start in column 1, and finish in column 9. For a character of
the same width, but printed with the bottom eight pins,   should
be 8. For any other character, follow 
these rules to calculate 
1. If you design a character narrower than nine columns, you can
balance the number of empty columns on either side with the
following method: starting with   equal to 8, subtract 1 for
every blank column on the right and add 16 for every blank
column  on the left.
2. If the character uses the top eight pins, add 128.
For example, if 
character uses the top eight pins, starts in column
3, and ends in column   the calculation is as follows:
start with     8
subtract 2 for two blank columns on the left, giving     6
add 32 for two blank columns on the left, giving     38
add 128 to print with the top eight pins, so that     166.
If you entered the example program on page 4-25 you defined a
heart and placed it in the 
 location for ASCII code 64
(replacing the at sign). You can now print out-a three-line sample of
your work. The first and third lines (printed by lines 170 
210 of
the program) print the normal at sign; the second line (line 190)
prints the heart that you defined.
the program to see the printout below.
Software  and Graphics