Epson DFX-8000 User Manual


possible to define and print characters of
your own design. You can design an entirely new alphabet or
typeface, create characters for special applications such 
or scientific symbols,   
 graphic patterns with user-defined
characters to serve 
building blocks for larger designs.
Below, you can see samples of typefaces created with the 
defined character function.
You can make the task of defining characters easier by using a
commercial software program that assists you in creating characters
or simply supplies you with sets of characters already created. Also,
some popular commercial software programs take advantage of the
 character function to enhance printouts. (These
characters are called download characters in some programs.)
The standard characters are stored in the printer’s Read Only
Memory (ROM), and the user-defined characters are stored in the
printer’s Random 
Memory (RAM).
In Epson 
 mode, user-defined characters remain in the printer’s
memory even after the printer is turned off. You can select the 
defined character set by turning on DIP switch 
 without defining
the same characters again. However, in the IBM emulation mode,
user-defined characters are cleared whenever the printer is 
off, including characters defined in Epson 
Software and Graphics