Epson DFX-8000 User Manual


Enhancing Your Printing
Condensed can be selected 
 or a ‘DIP
switch. (See the section on 
 switches in Chapter 
if you turn on 
 switch, you 
 turn it
o f f   w i t h  
Condensed 10 cpi gives    
 a line.
 12 cpi 
Both 10 and 
cpi can be condensed, but proportional
spacing cannot.
When condensed is selected in NLQ,  NLQ is replaced by
normal draft.
 or narrowing the characters also widens or narrows the
space between words and letters. Because word processors usually
create a left margin by printing spaces, you may need to change the
number of characters on a line to keep the margins correct if you
change widths.
The DFX-8000 offers two ways of emphasizing parts of your text
and also allows you to use underlining, superscripts, subscripts, and
italics. These features can be controlled directly by software
commands. Many application 
effects if they are 
 for your
application program for details.