Epson DFX-8000 User Manual

This is double high, This is double wide, and double high

Enhancing Your Printing
The following printout compares 10 cpi spacing with proportional
This is 10 cpi printing.
This is proportional printing.
Note: High-speed draft is available only in 10 cpi.  If you select 12 cpi
or proportional spacing, the print speed temporarily switches to
normal draft until 1 2  cpi or proportional spacing is turned off.
Character size
In addition to the two fixed spacings and proportional spacing, the
DFX-8000 offers three other modes that can change the size of your
printing. These modes are double-wide, double-high, and condensed.
The double-wide mode doubles the width of any size characters,
while the double-high mode doubles the height of any size
characters. These modes are useful for 
 headings in
reports and making displays, but are usually not suitable for large
amounts of text. These modes can also be combined to obtain even
more impressive printing results.
T h i s   i s   n o r m a l  
  p r i n t i n g .
This is double-high.
This is double-wide
and double-high.
Both 10 and 
cpi printing can be reduced to about 60% of their
normal width using condensed mode. This mode is particularly
useful for printing wide spreadsheets because condensed 12 cpi
allows you to print up to 160 characters on an g-inch line and 272
characters on a 
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