Epson DFX-8000 User Manual


The Epson DFX-8000 printer is an advanced dot matrix printer
designed for business applications. The printer combines high
performance and reliability with a wide range 
high speed printing and automatic paper handling.
In addition to the high-quality printing and ease of operation you
expect from Epson printers, the DFX-8000 offers the following:
Extra-fast printing speeds of up to 
1066 characters per 
second at 
per inch) or 
 characters per second at 
Two built-in push tractors (front and rear) for convenient paper
handling. This dual system lets you switch between types of
continuous paper quickly 
 The printer remembers
separate top of form positions for each tractor,
An automatic paper back-out feature that allows you to switch
between paper loaded on the front or rear tractor without
removing either paper supply.
A short tear-off feature that saves paper. When a sheet of
continuous paper is torn off at the end of a printout, the printer
reverse-feeds the remaining paper so that printing can begin at
the top of the next sheet.
A paper memory feature that produces high quality printing on
your multi-part forms by using stored paper format and
thickness information to adjust the print head.
A width detection feature that automatically adjusts the printing
to match the width of the paper loaded in the printer. This
prevents the printer from printing directly on the platen, which
damages the print head.