Epson DFX-8000 User Manual

When you use multi part forms that vary in

Using the Paper Memory Feature
When you use multi-part forms that vary in
thickness, do not press the 
reverse-feeding (bottom) 
MICRO FEED button or a paper
jam may result. To remove these forms, tear off the fresh
supply at 
perforation below the front tractor, take the
printer off line, and press the 
button to eject the remaining forms.
Note: To use the paper memory feature, you need to reset some
DIP switches. See the section on changing 
DIP switch setting in
this chapter for instructions on 
to set 
DIP switch.
Saving paper format 
and thickness information
The following sections describe how to save paper format and
thickness information for different types of multi-part forms.
Saving information for overlapping multi-part forms
To save paper format and thickness information for multi-part
that overlap 
slightly where they are joined together, follow
the steps below.
1. Turn off the printer.
2. Use DIP switch 3-4 to select the memory area 
where you want
the printer to store the paper format and thickness information.
Memory area 
is selected when DIP switch 
is off. (This is
the printer’s default setting.) To select memory area 2, turn on
the switch.
Paper memory
 DIP SW 3-4
 Memory 1
Memory 2 O N
Using the Printer 3-21