Epson ActionLaser 1400 Reference Guide

Getting Started

Getting Started
ActionLaser™ 1400 printer combines high
performance and reliability with a wide range of features.
To get started with your ActionLaser printer, please:
Read the safety information, laser printer precautions, and
important safety instructions in this introduction.
Use your Read This First guide to set up and test your new
Refer to this Reference Guide for detailed information about
your printer.
Where to Get Help for U.S. and Canadian Users
Epson America provides local customer support and service
through a nationwide network of authorized EPSON dealers
and Service Centers.
If you need to call for technical assistance, please print a test
sheet and have it handy. To print a test sheet, turn the printer
on and then briefly press the reset button on the back of the
printer. (Make sure the Error light is not on.)
EPSON also provides the support services listed below
through the EPSON Connection.™ U.S. users can Cd
(800) 922-8911; Canadian users can call (800) GO-EPSON.
Assistance in locating your nearest Authorized EPSON
Reseller or Service 
Technical assistance with the installation., configuration,
and operation of EPSON products
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