Epson ActionLaser 1400 Reference Guide

Using profiles, Reporter

Using profiles
A profile is a specific set of printer settings. If you often re-use the same
printer settings, you can create a profile to easily update your printer with
predefined settings.
There are three ways to create a profile:
Use the EPSON Control Panel for DOS to change the printer settings
as needed. Then choose Save Profile in the File menu. This brings up
a dialog box that prompts you to assign a filename and choose the
directory in which to stare the profile. When you complete the
information in the dialog box, choose OK.
Open an existing profile and modify the settings of the profile. To do
so, use Open Profile in the File menu to open an existing 
Change just those settings that you want to change and then choose
Save As in the File menu Enter a new filename and choose the
directory in which to save the profile.
Use the settings currently in use by the printer to create a profile. To
do so, choose Import Profile From Printer in 
the File menu. This
brings up a dialog box that prompts you to name the profile and
choose the directory in which to store it.
When you open a profile, you can export the printer settings described by
the profile by using the Export Profile to Printer item on the File menu
The Reporter keeps you informed of the printer status and alerts you to
printer problems. Each time the printer status changes or an error occurs,
a message automatically appears on screen to notify you Each Reporter
message gives you the option of disabling the particular 
message so that 
does not reappear until you re-enable it.
To load the Reporter.
1. Change to the PANEL directory by typing CD PANEL.
2. Type REP.
Controlling Printer Settings from MS-DOS