Epson ActionLaser 1400 Reference Guide

Bringing up the EPSON Control Panel for DOS

5. The screen displays the default setup parameters that are designed to
be used for most computer environments. If the default parameters
are acceptable and you don’t need to make any changes, press Enter.
If you need to make changes, tab to  
and press Enter. This brings
up a series of screens, each of which prompts you to change a setting.
For each setting, press Enter to accept the default or change the
setting and press Enter. The setup program begins uncompressing
files and copying them to your hard disk.
6. When a message appears telling you that installation was successful,
press Enter to exit the setup program.
This completes installation of the EPSON Control Panel for DOS.
To use your printer, select the HP LaserJet 4P printer driver in your
software program. If this driver is not available, contact your software
manufacturer for an updated version of the software program. Until you
receive the new version, you can use any LaserJet III driver or any driver
that uses HP PCL.
See your software manual for specific information on how to select a
printer driver.
Bringing up the EPSON Control Panel for DOS
To bring up the EPSON Control Panel for DOS, do the following:
1. At a C: prompt, change to the PANEL directory by typing
CD\PANEL. Then press Enter.
If you installed the EPSON Control Panel to a different directory than the
default, be sure to specify the correct pathname.
2. Type PANEL and press Enter.
Controlling Printer 
Settings from MS-DOS