Epson ActionLaser 1400 Reference Guide

Adjusting toner density

Adjusting toner density
Do not change the toner density unless it is necessary. Changing the
toner density affects all text and graphics, so check the new setting by
printing several pages with various kinds of text and graphics.
If your printed pages are too light or too dark, adjust the toner
density as follows:
1. From your software program, choose Print or Page Setup
in the File menu.
2. Then choose the Setup option (Depending on your
software program, you might need to select Options or
3. If necessary, select the ActionLaser 1400 in the list of
printers. (Not all software programs prompt you to select
the printer.)
4. In the Setup dialog box for the ActionLaser 1400, choose the
Green tab.
5. Change the Toner Density setting as appropriate.
6. Choose OK. Then close all screens by choosing OK or Close
as appropriate.
Increasing the toner density increases toner consumption. If you
select darker print, you may need to replace the toner cartridge more
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