Epson ActionLaser 1400 Reference Guide

Printer settings

You might want to first convert TrueType fonts to bit
images if your document contains a lot of graphics but not
a lot of TrueType text. In this case, printing TrueType fonts
as bit images requires less printer memory and may speed
up printing.
Printing TrueType fonts as bitmap images is also useful if
you want to overlay graphics on top of text.
Use Printer TrueType Fonts
Substitutes printer-resident TrueType fonts for TrueType
fonts contained in a document. By default, Use Printer
TrueType Fonts is on.
Using printer fonts is faster than downloading fonts from
your computer. However, there may be slight differences
between the printer fonts and the fonts on your computer.
If you require that the printed output exactly match what
you see on screen and are willing to sacrifice some printer
performance, turn off Use Printer TrueType Fonts.
Printer settings
Page Protection
When Page Protection is enabled, the printer reserves
additional memory and does not print  a page until the
entire  page is fully composed. This allows the printer to
Print complex pages  that  can otherwise cause print   
overrun errors. The  amount of memory that is reserved
depends on  the paper size.
The  sttings for Page Protection are Automatic (default),
Off,   Letter, A4, and Legal.
Controlling the Printer