Epson ActionLaser 1400 Reference Guide

Accessing Printer Driver Settings in Windows

Accessing Printer Driver Settings in Windows
To access printer driver settings, first choose Print from the
File menu to bring up the Print dialog box. You now need to
select another option Depending on your software program,
you need to choose the Setup, Options, or Printer button
Some programs then prompt you to select the ActionLaser 1400
before the Setup dialog boxes appear.
Printer driver settings are accessible on six Setup dialog boxes.
The first Setup dialog box you see is for Paper settings:
At the top of the dialog box are tabs for each Setup dialog box:
Paper, Green, Graphics, Printer, Fonts, and About. The table on
the next page lists the settings available on each.
To change a printer setting, open the appropriate dialog box by
choosing the tab. Change one or more printer settings and then
choose the OK button at the bottom of the dialog box. If you
want information about any of the printer settings, look up the
setting in this chapter or choose the Help button.
Controlling the Printer