Epson ActionLaser 1400 Reference Guide

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Changing the Printer Settings
In Windows-based software programs, you use the Print dialog
box, which is accessible through the File menu, to specify the
most common printer settings, including the number of copies,
print range, and orientation
If you are not running Windows, you control printer settings through
the EPSON Control Panel for DOS. See Appendix B for more
Additional settings are provided by the ActionLaser 1400
printer driver. The printer driver settings allow you to do the
 Change the resolution
Turn power saving mode on and off and specify how long
the printer is idle before entering power saving mode
Turn on toner saving mode and specify what level of toner
saving to use
Control the toner density.
Other settings are described later in this chapter.
If you are using Microsoft Windows, you can also control the printer
through the Printers icon in the Control Panel. Double-&king on
icon brings up 
dialog box 
allows you to install and
select the printer driver, change the printer‘s interface port, and
control the printing of your files. Normally you need to use the
icon only when you first set up the printer. See your
Windows manual 
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Controlling the Printer