Epson ActionLaser 1400 Reference Guide

EPSON Control

The EPSON Control Panel provides more precise information
about the printer status or any errors that occur. gee the next
EPSON Control 
Panel for Windows
The EPSON Control Panel for Windows consists of a series of
screens that appear automatically whenever the printer status
changes and whenever the printer encounters an error. For
example, EPSON Control Panel messages appear in the
following cases:
The paper tray is empty.
The printer is off or there is a communication problem
A print error has occurred. For each error, an EPSON
Control Panel message informs you of what you can do to
correct the problem.
The message remains open on top of your software program
until you minimize the screen by clicking the Minimize button
(       ) in the upper right comer of the message window. To make
the EPSON Control Panel message window reappear, double-
click the EPSON Control Panel icon at the bottom left comer
of your screen.
If you are using the EPSON Control Panel for DOS, the Reporter
prooides onscreen status and error messages to keep you informed of
the printer status.
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