Epson ActionLaser 1400 Reference Guide

About this Guide

About this Guide
This guide contains information for operating and maintaining
the printer once you have installed  it. For information about
installing and setting up the printer, see Read This First.
Chapter 1, “Using Your Printer,” lists the printer’s features and
describes how to load paper and control the printer.
Chapter 2, “Changing the Printer Settings,” describes how to
change printer settings using the Windows” printer driver.
Printer driver settings allow you to change the toner density,
specify the resolution, turn on toner saving mode, and specify
how long the printer is idle before it enters power saving mode.
Chapter 3, “Troubleshooting,” gives helpful information for
avoiding printer errors, optimizing print quality, and solving
any problems you may encounter.
Appendix A contains the technical specifications about the
Appendix B describes  how to use the EPSON Control Panel for
DOS to control the printer. This appendix is intended for users
who do not have Microsoft
Appendix C lists the commands that can be used to control the
printer. This appendix is intended for advanced users only.
Appendix D gives step-by-step instructions for installing Single
In-Line Memory Modules (SIMMs) so you can increase printer
memory up to 18MB.
8 Getting Started