Epson ActionLaser 1400 Reference Guide

laser Printer Precautions

laser Printer Precautions
This printer uses laser technology. The following list of
precautions applies whenever you open the cover. Even if you
are familiar with other types of printers, be sure to follow these
precautions carefully to ensure safe, 
Avoid touching the components inside the printer unless
instructed to do so in this guide.
When you open the printer 
remove the toner cartridge,
you expose components inside the printer that can be very
hot. Avoid touching the fuser area, which is located
above the 
toner cartridge when you open the
front cover, and the motor, which is farther inside the
Do not scratch the surface of the drum, which is the green
cylinder that can be seen through an opening of the toner
cartridge. Avoid touching the drum, since oils from your
skin can permanently damage its surface and may affect
print quality.
Avoid pressing on the top of the toner cartridge. Pressing
directly on the cartridge may cause toner to spill into the
printer. If there is a spill, see Chapter 3 for cleaning
Never force the printer’s components into place. Although
the printer is designed to be sturdy, rough handling can
damage it.
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