Keep in mind the following when using the remote control:
• Make sure that there are no obstacles between the remote 
control and infrared sensor window on the unit.
• Remote operation may become unreliable if strong sunlight or 
fluorescent light is shining on infrared sensor window of the 
• Remote control for different devices can interfere with each 
other. Avoid using remote control for other equipment located 
close to the unit.
• Replace the batteries when you notice a fall off in the operating 
range of the remote control.
• The maximum operable ranges from the unit are as follows.
If you have other DENON’s DVD players around this unit, this unit 
reacts to the commands you made for DVD players through its 
remote control. To avoid this situation, you can set this unit not 
react to other DENON’s DVD player’s remote control.
1) In stop mode, press [SETUP].
2) Press [7],[8],[9],[2].
3) Press [SETUP].
• “Only Attached Remocon” will be displayed on the upper 
right corner of the screen and this unit only react to the 
commands from this unit’s remote control.
• To set back to default, press [7],[8],[9],[1] at step 2. “Normal 
Remocon” will be displayed on the upper right corner of the 
screen and this unit react to both the commands from this unit’s 
remote control and the other DENON’s DVD players’ remote 
To avoid the other DENON’s BD players responding the remote 
signal of this unit, you can change the signal code of the remote 
control. If the signal code of the remote control does not match to 
the signal code of the unit, you cannot control the unit with the 
remote control.
Ⅵ Change the signal code of the unit
1) In stop mode, press [SETUP].
2) Use [
] to select 
, then press [ENTER].
3) Use [
] to select 
, then press [ENTER].
4) Use [
] to select “Remote Control Setting”.
5) Press [ENTER] to select “DENON1” or “DENON2”.
6) Press [SETUP] to exit.
• At this point the new signal code of the unit is effective. Please 
change the signal code of the remote control to match to the 
signal code of the unit with following procedure.
Ⅵ Change the signal code of the remote control
Set to “DENON1”:
Press and hold [RETURN], and press [3], [2], [1].
Set to “DENON2”:
Press and hold [RETURN], and press [1], [2], [3].
• If the signal code does not match, the signal code of the remote 
control will be displayed on the front panel display.
• The default setting and the setting after you change the 
batteries is “DENON1”.
About the Remote Control
Loading the Batteries
A Open the battery 
compartment cover.
B Insert two “R6P” (AA) 
batteries, with each one 
oriented correctly.
C Close the cover.
Cautions on Batteries
• Use “R6P” (AA) batteries in this remote control.
• Replace the batteries with new ones approximately once a 
year, though this depends on the frequency with which the 
remote control is used.
• If the remote control does not operate within a close 
proximity of the main unit, replace the batteries with new 
ones, even if less than a year has passed.
• The included batteries serve only for verifying operation. 
Replace them with new batteries as soon as possible.
• When inserting the batteries, be careful to do so in the 
proper direction, following the   and   marks in the remote 
control’s battery compartment.
• To prevent damage or battery fluid leakage:
- Do not mix a new battery with an old one.
- Do not mix two different types of batteries such as alkaline 
and manganese.
- Do not short-circuit, disassemble, heat or dispose of 
batteries in flames.
• Remove the batteries when not planning to use the remote 
control for a long period of time.
• If the batteries should leak, carefully wipe off the fluid from 
the inside of the battery compartment, then insert new 
Using a Remote Control
- Line of sight:
approx. 7 m
- Either side of the centre: approx. 7 m within 30°
Setting this Unit not React to Other DENON’s DVD Player’s Remote Control
• The setting remains after you turn off this unit or unplug the 
AC cord.
• If you try to operate this unit with the other DENON’s DVD 
players’ remote control, some of the operation may not be 
available depending on the manufactured year or type of the 
remote control.
7 m 30°
7 m
7 m 30°
Changing the Signal Code of a Remote Control
Angle Icon
Screen Saver
Auto Power Off
Panel Display
Slide Show
Remote Control Setting
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