Chevrolet VENTURE 2002 Owner Manual

6 69

Underhood Fuse Block
This fuse block is located 
in the engine compartment,
in front of the windshield
washer fluid reservoir. 
See “Engine Compartment
Overview” in the Index 
for more information 
on location.
The fuses marked spare are available if a replacement
fuse is needed.
To remove the cover, turn the knob counterclockwise
and lift up.
When finished, to put the cover back on, turn the knob
clockwise to tighten it. Make sure that the remote
positive (+) terminal cover is on correctly.
Maxi Fuse
Coolant Fans
Not Used
Circuit Breakers: Front Comfort
Controls Hi Blower, and
Headlamp Fuses (Instrument
Panel): Hazard and Stoplamp
Circuit Breaker: Power Seat. Fuses
(Instrument Panel): Electronic
Level Control and Rear Defogger