Cleaning the Built

Cleaning the Built
in Child 
Restraint Pad
The built
in child restraint pad is attached to the seat
frame with fastener strips. You can remove the pad and
hand wash it with mild soap and water.
Care of Safety Belts and Built
Child Restraint Harness
Keep the safety belts and the built
in child restraint
harness clean and dry.
Do not bleach or dye safety belts or the built
child restraint harness. If you do, they may be
severely weakened. In a crash, they might not be
able to provide adequate protection. Clean the
safety belts and the child restraint harness only
with mild soap and lukewarm water.
Cleaning Glass Surfaces
Glass should be cleaned often. GM Glass Cleaner or a
liquid household glass cleaner will remove normal
tobacco smoke and dust films on interior glass. See
“Appearance Care and Materials” in the Index.
Don’t use abrasive cleaners on glass, because they
may cause scratches. Avoid placing decals on the
inside rear window, since they may have to be
scraped off later. If abrasive cleaners are used on
the inside of the rear window, an electric
defogger element may be damaged. Any
temporary license should not be attached across
the defogger grid.