Appearance Care, Cleaning the Inside of Your Vehicle

Appearance Care
Remember, cleaning products can be hazardous. Some
are toxic. Others can burst into flame if you strike a
match or get them on a hot part of the vehicle. Some are
dangerous if you breathe their fumes in a closed space.
When you use anything from a container to clean your
vehicle, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s warnings
and instructions. And always open your doors or
windows when you’re cleaning the inside.
Never use these to clean your vehicle:
D Gasoline
D Benzene
D Naphtha
D Carbon Tetrachloride
D Acetone
D Paint Thinner
D Turpentine
D Lacquer Thinner
D Nail Polish Remover
They can all be hazardous 
 some more than 
 and they can all damage your vehicle, too.
Don’t use any of these unless this manual says you can.
In many uses, these will damage your vehicle:
D Alcohol
D Laundry Soap
D Bleach
D Reducing Agents
Cleaning the Inside of Your Vehicle
Use a vacuum cleaner often to get rid of dust and loose
dirt. Wipe vinyl, leather, plastic and painted surfaces
with a clean, damp cloth.