6 39, Front Turn Signal Parking Sidemarker Lamps

9. Align the pins on the bottom of the headlamp
assembly with the holes in the lamp support bracket
while placing the holes in the assembly over the
bolts where the wing nuts attach.
10. Reinstall the wing nuts.
11. To reinstall the front turn signal/parking 
lamp assembly See “Front Turn
Signal/Parking/Sidemarker Lamps” next.
Front Turn Signal/Parking/Sidemarker Lamps
1. Open the hood.
2. Remove the thumbscrew attaching the front 
turn signal/parking lamp assembly to the 
headlamp assembly.
3. Pull the front turn signal/parking lamp assembly
away from the vehicle.
4. Unscrew the bulb socket from the lamp assembly by
pressing the tab while turning it counterclockwise.