2 77, Storage Bin

3. Line up the button of the garage door opener with
one of the four buttons on the compartment door.
Make sure the garage door opener button is facing
down and press the opener firmly into place.
4. Once the opener is installed, use the black pegs inside
the compartment door to make sure the lined area on
the compartment door will contact the control button
on your garage door opener when pressed.
5. Add one peg at a time until your garage door opener
operates with the compartment door closed when
you press the button.
Storage Bin
At the base of the center instrument panel console, there
is a storage bin. To open the bin, lift the latch release
and the door will fold down.
Inside the bin, you will find a tray that slides out. Slide
the tray all the way toward the rear of the vehicle until
the tray locks onto the plastic tabs at the end of the guide
rails. The tray can hold CDs or cassettes in the center
area. You can also store cassettes in the left and right
side area. The tray can be removed for cleaning or when
you want to replace the selection of CDs or cassettes.
Slide the tray back into the storage bin before closing
the bin door. The tray can also be placed in the glove
box for locked storage if desired.