CAUTION, Storage Compartments

Convex Outside Mirror
Your passenger’s side mirror is convex. A convex
mirror’s surface is curved so you can see more from the
driver’s seat.
A convex mirror can make things (like other
vehicles) look farther away than they really are.
If you cut too sharply into the right lane, you
could hit a vehicle on your right. Check your
inside mirror or glance over your shoulder before
changing lanes.
Heated Outside Mirrors (If Equipped)
The outside rearview mirrors are heated when you
activate the rear window defogger. See “Rear Window
Defogger” in the Index.
Storage Compartments
Your vehicle’s large carrying capacity can store many
items. If you have the extended wheelbase version, you
can carry things as large as a 4
i x 8i piece of plywood.
You can also use the floor pins that are used to attach the
seats, to secure larger loads.