Replacing the Split Bench Sections
If the seatback isn’t locked, it could move
forward in a sudden stop or crash. That could
cause injury to the person sitting there. Always
press rearward on the seatback to be sure it 
is locked.
A seat that isn’t locked into place properly can
move around in a collision or sudden stop. People
in the vehicle could be injured. Be sure to lock
the seat into place properly when installing it.
A safety belt that is improperly routed, not
properly attached, or twisted won’t provide the
protection needed in a crash. The person wearing
the belt could be seriously injured. After
installing the seat, always check to be sure that
the safety belts are properly routed and attached,
and are not twisted.
Make sure the seatback is in the upright position and the
safety belts are on the correct section of the seat.
Don’t put the sections of the bench seat in so they face
rearward because they won’t latch that way. If you want
more storage room behind the second row seat, adjust
each section by sliding it forward.
The split bench seats have seat position labels, located
on the back of each seat, showing where the seat must
go. Follow that diagram.
The seat must be placed in the proper location for the
legs to attach correctly.