Exterior Lamps

Exterior Lamps
The control to the left of the steering column operates
the exterior lamps.
 (Off/Auto): Turning the control to this setting will
activate the automatic headlamps when it is dark enough
outside and turn off all the lamps and lights during the
day except the Daytime Running Lamps (DRL).
(Parking Lamps): Turning the control to 
this setting turns on the parking lamps together with 
the following:
D Sidemarker Lamps
D Taillamps
D Instrument Panel Lights
 (Headlamps): Turning the control to this setting
turns on the headlamps, together with the previously
listed lamps and lights.
Lamps on Reminder
If the driver’s door is opened and you turn the ignition
to OFF or LOCK while leaving the lamps on, you will
hear a warning chime.