To wash the rear window when the rear wiper is already
on, press on the top of the switch with the wash 
symbol on it. Press in the bottom of the switch to
continue the intermittent wiper cycle after the washing
cycle is completed.
Cruise Control (Option)
With cruise control, you can maintain a speed of about
25 mph (40 km/h) or more without keeping your foot on
the accelerator. This can really help on long trips.
Cruise control does not work at speeds below about
25 mph (40 km/h).
When you apply your brakes, the cruise 
control disengages.
D Cruise control can be dangerous where you
can’t drive safely at a steady speed. So,
don’t use your cruise control on winding
roads or in heavy traffic.
D Cruise control can be dangerous on
slippery roads. On such roads, fast changes
in tire traction can cause needless wheel
spinning, and you could lose control. Don’t
use cruise control on slippery roads.
If your vehicle is in cruise control when the optional
traction control system begins to limit wheel spin, the
cruise control will automatically disengage. See
“Traction Control System” in the Index. When road
conditions allow you to safely use it again, you may turn
the cruise control back on.