Flip and Fold Feature, Split Bench Seats If Equipped

Flip and Fold Feature
The rear seats in your vehicle can be folded forward.
Use this feature for exiting and entering third row seats.
1. If the seats have the adjustable head restraints, push
them fully down.
2. Fold the seatback flat on the seat, by either pulling
on the nylon strap on the rear of the seat or lifting up
on the lever located on the front of the seatback. If
the seat adjusts forward, slide it all the way back.
3. Release the rear set of hooks from the floor pins by
pulling the nylon strap located at the base of the seat;
hang on to the strap as the seat folds forward.
To return the seat(s) to their normal position, do 
the following:
1. Push the seat back and firmly push the rear hooks
onto the rear floor pins by pushing down on the rear
of the seat.
2. Try to raise the seat to check that it is locked down.
3. Lift the seatback recliner lever or pull the nylon strap
on the back of the seat and raise the seatback until it
locks upright.
4. Push and pull on the seatback to check that it 
is locked.
Split Bench Seats (If Equipped)
If you have the split bench seat (50/50 or 40/60), the
seatbacks can be folded down individually and the
sections can be removed individually. The second row
(40/60) sections can also be adjusted forward or
rearward individually.
The second row (40/60) split bench may be equipped
with a built
in child restraint. See “Built
In Child
Restraint” in the Index.