Casio EXILIM EX-ZS26 User Guide

Using an Eye Fi Wireless SD Memory Card to Transfer Images


Using the Camera with a Computer


Movie Playback Precautions

Proper movie playback may not be possible on some Macintosh models. If you 
experience problems, try the following.

– Change the movie image quality setting to “STD”.
– Upgrade to the latest version of QuickTime.
– Shut down other applications that are running.

Even if proper playback is not possible on your Macintosh, you can use an optionally 
available AV cable (EMC-7A) to connect to the video input terminal of a TV or 
Macintosh and play back movies that way.


• Be sure to move the movie data to the hard disk of your Macintosh before trying to 

play it. Proper movie playback may not be possible for data accessed over a 
network, from a memory card, etc.

Shooting with an Eye-Fi wireless SD memory card loaded in the camera makes it 
possible to transfer image data automatically to a computer via wireless LAN.


Configure LAN access point, transfer destination and other settings for 
the Eye-Fi card in accordance with the instructions that come with the 
Eye-Fi card.


After configuring settings, load the Eye-Fi card into the camera and 

Images you record are sent by wireless LAN to your computer, etc.

• For full details, see the user documentation that comes with the Eye-Fi card.
• Before formatting a new Eye-Fi card to use it for the first time, copy the Eye-Fi 

install files to your computer. Do this before formatting the card.

Using an Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card to Transfer Images