Casio EXILIM EX-ZS26 User Guide

Using the Camera with a Computer


Using the Camera with a Computer

Using the Camera with a Computer

You can perform the operations described below while the camera is connected to a 

The procedures you need to perform are different for Windows and the Macintosh.

Things you can do using a computer...

Save images to a 
computer and 
view them there

• Save images and view them manually 

(USB connection) (pages 86, 91).

• Transfer images to a computer 

automatically over a wireless LAN for 
viewing (Eye-Fi) (page 94).

Play back and 
edit movies

• You can play back movies (pages 89, 93).
• To edit movies, use commercially 

available software as required.

• Windows users should refer to “Using the Camera with a Windows Computer” 

on page 86.

• Macintosh users should refer to “Using the Camera with a Macintosh” on page