Casio EXILIM EX-ZS26 User Guide

Zooming an On screen Image, Displaying the Image Menu


Viewing Snapshots and Movies


In the PLAY mode, use [4] and [6] to scroll through the images until 
the one you want is displayed.


Slide the zoom controller towards z (


) to 


You can use [8], [2], [4], and [6] to scroll the 
zoomed image on the monitor screen. Slide the 
zoom controller towards w to unzoom the image.

– When monitor screen contents are turned on, a 

graphic in the lower right corner of the screen 
shows what part of the zoomed image is 
currently displayed.

– To exit the zoom screen, press [ ] (Delete).
– Though the maximum image zoom factor is 8X, 

certain image sizes may not allow zooming up 
to the full 8X.


In the PLAY mode, slide the zoom controller 
towards w (]).

Use [8], [2], [4] and [6] to move the selection 
boundary around the image menu.
To view a particular image, use [8], [2], [4], or [6] to 
move the selection boundary to the image you want 
and then press [SET].

• A question mark (?) will be displayed for images that 

cannot be displayed for some reason.

Zooming an On-screen Image

Displaying the Image Menu

Image area

Current display area

Zoom factor