Casio EXILIM EX-ZS26 User Guide

Specifying the Auto Focus Area AF Area


Advanced Settings


• ISO sensitivity, aperture, and shutter speed do not appear on the monitor screen 

when you half-press the shutter button while “Auto” is selected. These values will 
appear briefly, however, in the preview image that is displayed immediately after 
you shoot a snapshot.

• If the flash fires, the Anti Shake icon S will remain on the display, even though 

Anti Shake does not function during flash photography.

• The ISO sensitivity setting (page 66) must be “Auto” for Anti Shake to work.
• Shooting with Anti Shake can cause an image to appear somewhat coarser than 

normal and can cause slight deterioration of image resolution.

• Anti Shake may not be able to eliminate the effects of camera or subject movement 

when movement is severe.

• Anti Shake is disabled during movie recording.


[r] (REC) * [SET] * MENU * REC Tab * AF Area


• Auto Focus is disabled when W (Manual Focus) is selected for the focus mode 

(page 57), even if you select an AF area.

• Selecting “O Tracking” can cause vibration and noise to occur due to lens 

operation while tracking a subject. This does not indicate malfunction.

• While Face Detection (page 41) is turned on, regardless of the current AF Area 

setting, “U Spot” (center) focusing will be used automatically whenever a face 
cannot be detected for some reason.

Specifying the Auto Focus Area (AF Area)


This mode takes readings of a small area in the center of the 
image. This setting works well with focus lock (page 58).


When you half-press the shutter button while this setting selected, 
the camera will select the optimum Auto Focus area from among 
nine possible areas. The focus frame of the area where the 
camera focuses will be displayed in green.


Half-pressing the shutter button focuses on the subject and 
causes the focus frame to track the movement of the subject.





Spot” or “O Tracking”

Focus frame

Focus frame