Casio EXILIM EX-ZS26 User Guide

Recording Movie Images and Audio


Recording Movie Images and Audio

Recording Movie Images and Audio


Configure the quality setting for the movie (page 37).

The length of the movie you can record will depend on the quality setting you 


In the REC mode, point the camera 
at the subject and then press [0] 

This will start recording and display Y 
on the monitor screen.
Movie recording includes monaural 

• Immediately after you press [0] 

(Movie), the camera will focus 
automatically on the subject in the 
center of the monitor screen. After 
this, focus is fixed while movie 
recording is in progress.


Press [0] (Movie) again to stop recording.

• Each movie can be up to 29 minutes long. Movie recording stops automatically 

after 29 minutes of recording. Movie recording also will stop automatically if 
memory becomes full before you stop movie recording by pressing [0] 

Shooting with BEST SHOT

With BEST SHOT (page 51), you can select the sample scene that matches the type 
of movie you are trying to shoot and the camera will change its setup accordingly, for 
beautiful movies every time. Selecting the BEST SHOT scene named Night Scene, 
for example, will configure the camera so night scenes appear clearer and brighter.

To record a movie

Recording time

Remaining recording time

(page 131)

[0] (Movie)