Casio EXILIM EX-ZS26 User Guide

Power Supply, Charging, Battery Precautions




If the camera’s back lamp starts flashing red...

• Ambient temperature or the temperature of the battery may be either too high or 

too low. Disconnect the USB cable and wait until temperature is within the 
allowable charging range before trying again.

• Battery contacts may be dirty. Wipe them with a dry cloth.
• Try connecting to a different computer USB port. Depending on the setup of your 

computer, you may not be able to charge the camera’s battery over a USB 


Precautions during Use

• Operation provided by a battery under cold conditions is always less than operation 

under normal temperatures. This is due to the characteristics of the battery, not the 

• Charge the battery in an area where the temperature is within the range of 10°C to 

35°C (50°F to 95°F). Outside this temperature range charging can take longer than 
normal or even fail.

• Do not tear or remove the battery outer label.
• If a battery provides only very limited operation following a full charge, it probably 

means the battery has reached the end of its service life. Replace the battery with a 
new one.


Storage Precautions

• Storing the battery for a long time while it is charged can cause deterioration of 

battery characteristics. If you do not plan to use a battery for some time, fully use 
up its charge before storing it.

• Always remove the battery from the camera when you are not using it. A battery left 

in the camera can discharge and go dead, which will require some time to charge 
when you need to use the camera.

• Store batteries in a cool, dry place (20°C (68°F) or lower).
• To prevent over discharging of an unused battery, fully charge it, and then load it in 

the camera and fully use up the charge about once every six months.

Power Supply


If problems continue to occur after you perform the above steps, it could mean that 
the battery is faulty. Contact your nearest CASIO authorized service center.

Battery Precautions