Casio EXILIM EX-ZR700, EXILIM EX-ZR710, EXILIM EX-ZR750 User Guide



Recording Movies

Recording Movies with Premium Auto Pro

When Premium Auto Pro is enabled (page 28), the 
camera automatically make judgments about the 
subject, shooting conditions, and other parameters. The 
result is higher quality images than those produced by 
Program Auto recording. The shooting environment detected by the camera is 
displayed at the bottom of the REC mode screen.

• Premium Auto Pro is enabled for FHD movies and STD movies only.
• Using Premium Auto Pro uses up the battery charge more quickly than using 

Program Auto recording.

Shooting with BEST SHOT

With BEST SHOT (page 73), you can select the sample scene that matches the type 
of movie you are trying to shoot and the camera will change its setup accordingly, for 
beautiful movies every time.

Minimizing the Effects of Camera Movement during Movie Recording

You can use Anti Shake (page 100) to configure the camera to minimize the effects of 
camera movement during FHD and STD movie recording. Note that Anti Shake 
cannot be used with HDR Art Movie and that Anti Shake does not prevent image blur 
due to subject movement.

Your camera has built-in microphones that can be used to record audio (stereo) 
during movie recording.

• Your camera has a function to reduce wind noise (Wind Noise Cut) when recording 

movies (page 103).


Recording Precautions

• The camera also records audio. Note the following points 

when shooting a movie.
– Take care that the microphones are not blocked by your 

fingers, etc.

– Good audio recording results are not possible when the 

camera is too far away from what you are trying to 

– Performing a zoom operation while shooting can cause zoom and/or auto focus 

noise to be in the audio recording.

– Operating camera buttons while shooting can cause button noise to be picked 

up in the audio.

• When shooting with the “HS” movie mode at a frame rate setting of “30-120 fps” or 

“30-240 fps”, audio is recorded only while the camera is shooting at 30 fps. Audio is 
not recorded at any other frame rates.