Casio EXILIM EX-ZR700, EXILIM EX-ZR710, EXILIM EX-ZR750 User Guide

Expanding the Zoom Range to Shoot Clearer Snapshots


Snapshot Tutorial

This feature uses super resolution technology and multiple Continuous Shutter (CS) 
images to expand the zoom range for overall images of higher quality and clarity 
(page 53).


Align the mode dial with [j] (Multi SR Zoom).


Press the shutter button to shoot.


• Multi SR Zoom is effective when you want to capture delicate textures.
• The following functions are disabled when shooting with Multi SR Zoom.

Single SR Zoom, Triple Self-time, Sharpness, Contrast

• With Multi SR Zoom, the flash setting automatically becomes ? (Flash Off).
• Shooting with this function automatically sets Anti Shake to “Standard” (page 100), 

but large movement of the camera or subject make it impossible to achieve the 
desired shot.

• Depending on shooting conditions and image composition, Multi SR Zoom may not 

be able to produce the desired result.

• When shooting with this feature, “ISO 3200” cannot be selected for “ISO 

Sensitivity” (page 44).

Expanding the Zoom Range to Shoot Clearer Snapshots 

(Multi SR Zoom)

Shooting a Burst of Images (High Speed CS)

Pressing [Õ] (Continuous Shutter) toggles 
between the Continuous Shutter mode and the 
Single Shot mode (page 28).

[Õ] (Continuous Shutter)