Casio EXILIM EX-ZR700, EXILIM EX-ZR710, EXILIM EX-ZR750 User Guide

Configuring Basic Settings the First Time You Turn On the, Camera


Quick Start Basics

Checking Remaining Battery Power

As battery power is consumed, a battery indicator on the monitor screen indicates 
remaining power as shown below.

 indicates battery power is low. Charge the battery as soon as possible.

Recording is not possible when 

 is indicated. Charge the battery immediately.

• The level shown by the battery indicator may change when you switch between the 

REC mode and PLAY mode.

• Leaving the camera for about 30 days with no power supplied while the battery is 

dead will cause its date and time settings to be cleared. A message telling you to 
configure time and date settings will appear the next time you turn on the camera 
after restoring power. When this happens, configure date and time settings (page 

• See page 194 for information about battery life and number of shots.

Battery Power Conservation Tips

• Entering the “ECO Mode” enables low-power operation (page 153).
• When you do not need to use the flash, select ? (Flash Off) for the flash setting 

(page 47).

• Enable the Auto Power Off and the Sleep features to protect against wasting 

battery power when you forget to turn off the camera (pages 157, 157).

• Select “Off” for “Continuous AF” (page 101).

The first time you load a battery into the camera, a screen appears for configuring the 
display language, date, and time settings. Failure to set the date and time correctly 
will cause the wrong date and time data to be recorded with images.


• A screen for language selection will not appear in step 2 of the procedure below if 

you purchased a camera intended for the Japanese market. To change the display 
language from Japanese in this case, use the procedure under “Specifying the 
Display Language (Language)” (page 161). Note that a version of this manual in 
the language you select may not be included with a camera intended for the 
Japanese market.

• Camera models sold in certain geographic areas may not support display language 


Remaining Power



Battery Indicator




Indicator Color








Configuring Basic Settings the First Time You Turn On the