Casio EXILIM EX-ZR700, EXILIM EX-ZR710, EXILIM EX-ZR750 User Guide

Displaying the Image Menu, Viewing Snapshots and Movies on a TV Screen


Viewing Snapshots and Movies

• Pressing [SET] will lock the current zoom factor for the on-screen image. You 

can then use [4] and [6] to scroll between images, using the same zoom 
factor. Pressing [SET] again will unlock the zoom factor and allow you to use 
[8], [2], [4] and [6] to move around the currently displayed images. This 
function cannot be used while viewing CS group images or movies. Also, CS 
group images and movies will not appear when you are scrolling images with 
[4] and [6].


In the PLAY mode, rotate the zoom controller 
towards w (]).

Use [8], [2], [4] and [6] to move the selection 
boundary around the image menu.
To view a particular image, use [8], [2], [4], or [6] to 
move the selection boundary to the image you want and 
then press [SET].

• In the case of a movie or a continuous shutter (CS) 

file, the first frame of the file will be displayed.

• A question mark (?) will be displayed for images that cannot be displayed for 

some reason.


Use a commercially available HDMI 
cable to connect the camera to the 

• Use a commercially available HDMI 

cable that is marked with the logo shown to the right.

• Make sure that the camera is turned off before plugging in or unplugging the 

cable. Check the user documentation that comes with the TV for information 
about requirements before plugging into or unplugging from the TV.

Displaying the Image Menu

Viewing Snapshots and Movies on a TV Screen