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Document Outline UNPACKING CONTENTS QUICK START BASICS First, charge the battery Configuring Display Language, Date, and Time Settings Using a Memory Card Shooting a Snapshot Viewing Snapshots Shooting a Movie Viewing a Movie Deleting a File INTRODUCTION Features Read this first! Precautions during Use GETTING READY Charging the Battery To charge the battery To load the battery Replacing the Battery Battery Precautions Using the Camera in another Country Turning Power On and Off Using a Memory Card Supported Memory Cards Loading a Memory Card into the Camera Replacing the Memory Card Formatting a Memory Card Using On-screen Menus Configuring Monitor Screen Settings Selecting a Screen Layout Turning Display Information On and Off If you lose your way... SHOOTING A SNAPSHOT Holding the Camera Correctly Shooting a Snapshot Specifying Image Size Specifying Image Quality Using the easy Mode Snapshot Shooting Precautions Auto Focus Restrictions Shooting with Zoom Using Flash Using the Self-Timer Using Continuous Shutter Adding Audio to a Snapshot SHOOTING A MOVIE Movie Image Quality Shooting a Movie Movie Recording Precautions USING BEST SHOT Reducing the Effects of Hand and Subject Movement Taking Bright Images without Flash Shooting Images of Business Cards and Documents (Business Shot) Restoring an Old Photograph ADVANCED SETTINGS Changing the Focus Mode Using Auto Focus Using Macro Focus Using Fixed Focus (Pan Focus) Using Infinity Focus Using Manual Focus Correcting Image Brightness (EV Shift) Controlling White Balance Specifying ISO Sensitivity Specifying the Metering Mode Using the Camera’s Filter Effects Controlling Image Sharpness Controlling Color Saturation Adjusting Image Contrast Date Stamping Snapshots Using the On-screen Histogram to Check Exposure Other Useful Recording Functions Using Key Customize to Assign Functions [<] and [>] Displaying an On-screen Grid Displaying the Image You Just Recorded (Image Review) Using Icon Help Using Mode Memory to Configure Power On Default Settings Resetting the Camera to Its Initial Factory Defaults VIEWING SNAPSHOTS AND MOVIES Viewing a Snapshot Listening to the Audio of an Audio Snapshot Viewing a Movie Playing a Slideshow on the Camera Viewing Camera Images on a TV Zooming the Displayed Image Using the 12-image Screen Using the Calendar Screen EDITING IMAGES Resizing a Snapshot Cropping a Snapshot Keystone Correction Using Color Restoration to Correct the Color of an Old Photograph Editing the Date and Time of an Image Rotating an Image Editing a Movie on the Camera Creating a Snapshot of a Movie Frame (MOTION PRINT) USING AUDIO Adding Audio to a Snapshot Recording Audio Only (Voice Recording) MANAGING YOUR FILES Files and Folders Protecting a File Against Deletion Using the FAVORITE Folder Copying Files DELETING FILES Deleting a Specific File Deleting All Files Deleting FAVORITE Folder Snapshots OTHER SETTINGS Configuring Camera Sound Settings Turning the Startup Screen On or Off Specifying the File Name Serial Number Generation Rule Changing the Camera Date and Time Setting Using World Time Configuring World Time Settings Changing the Display Language Changing the USB Port Protocol [_] (REC) and [>] (PLAY) Button Settings Formatting Built-in Memory PRINTING Types of Printing Using Professional Print Service Using Your Printer to Print Images Using DPOF to Specify Images to be Printed and the Number of Copies Date Stamping Supported Protocols USING THE CAMERA WITH A COMPUTER What you can do Using the Camera with a Windows Computer Viewing and Storing Images on a Computer Transfer of Images from the Camera and Management of Images on the Computer Playing Movies Transferring Images to the Camera Viewing User Documentation (PDF) Files User Registration Exiting the CD-ROM Menu Using the Camera with a Macintosh Viewing and Storing Images on a Macintosh Transfer of Images from the Camera and Management of Images on Your Macintosh Playing Movies Viewing User Documentation (PDF Files) Registering as a User Reading Files Directly from a Memory Card Memory Card Data APPENDIX General Guide Monitor Screen Contents Menu Reference Indicator Lamps Battery Charger Lamp Reference Troubleshooting Guide Finding the Problem and Fixing It If you have problems installing the USB driver... Display Messages Specifications