Finding the Problem and Fixing It, Troubleshooting Guide



Finding the Problem and Fixing It

Troubleshooting Guide


Possible Causes and Action 

Power Supply

Power does not turn on.

1) The battery may not be oriented correctly (page 36). 
2) The battery may be dead. Charge the battery (page 34). If the battery goes dead soon after being 

charged, it means the battery has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced. Purchase a 
separately available CASIO NP-20 rechargeable lithium ion battery. 

Camera suddenly powers 

1) Auto Power Off may have activated (page 43). Turn power back on. 
2) The battery may be dead. Charge the battery (page 34). 

Power does not turn off. 
Nothing happens when a 
button is pressed.

Remove the battery from the camera and then reinsert it.

Image Recording

Image is not recorded when 
the shutter button is pressed.

1) If the camera is in the PLAY mode, press [

] (REC) to enter the REC mode. 

2) If the flash is charging, wait until the charge operation finishes. 
3) If the message “Memory Full” appears, transfer images to your computer, delete images you no longer 

need, or use a different memory card.

Auto Focus does not focus 

1) If the lens is dirty, clean it off. 
2) The subject may not be in the center of the focus frame when you compose the image. 
3) The subject you are shooting may not be a type that is not compatible with Auto Focus (page 67). Use 

manual focus (page 104). 

4) You may be moving the camera when shooting. Try shooting with Anti Shake (page 89) or use a tripod. 
5) You may be using Quick Shutter and pressing the shutter button all the way, resulting in poor focus. 

Half-press the shutter button and allow enough time for Auto Focus to focus. 

The subject is out of focus in 
the recorded image.

The image may not be focused properly. When composing the image, make sure the subject is located 
inside the focus frame.