Flipping the Display




Shutter release button

Flipping the Display

The following procedure flips the image 180 degrees. This
comes in handy when you want to show someone standing
in front of you an image on the monitor screen.


In the PLAY mode, use [

] and [

] to scroll

through images on the monitor screen and
display the one you want.


While holding down the shutter release
button, press [SET].

• This flips the image 180 degrees. The histogram or

any other display information you had displayed is
cleared automatically whenever you flip the image.

• While an image is flipped, you can use [

] and [

] to

scroll to another image, if you want.


To return the image to its normal orientation,
press any button other than [

], [

], [

], or




• Note that you cannot play a movie, or a voice

recording file on the monitor screen while a flipped
image is displayed.

• You cannot use the above procedure to flip an image

while a zoomed image, 9-image screen, calendar
screen image, a movie image, an audio snapshot, or
a voice recording file image is on the display.