• High-resolution CCD for beautiful prints

EX-Z30: 3.20 million pixels (3.34 million total pixels)
EX-Z40: 4.00 million pixels (4.23 million total pixels)

• 2.0-inch TFT color LCD monitor screen

• Long battery life

The camera’s low-power design combines with a large-
capacity battery to provide more recording and playback
between charges.

• 12X seamless zoom (page 51)

3X optical zoom, 4X digital zoom

• 9.7MB Flash memory

Images can be recorded without using a memory card.

• REC mode or PLAY mode power up (page 37)

Press the [

] (REC) or [

] (PLAY) to turn on the

camera and enter the mode you want to use.

• Multi Auto Focus (page 63)

When “Multi” is selected for the Auto Focus area, the
camera takes simultaneous meter readings at seven
different points and automatically selects the best one.
This makes it possible to avoid erroneous focusing on the
background, and ensure proper focus for a wide range of
image types.

• Pan Focus (page 64)

This feature lets you lock the focus point and ensures that
you do not miss that special moment when it happens.

• Auto Pan Focus (page 62)

When you press the shutter release all the way down
without pausing, the camera immediately records the
image without waiting for Auto Focus to be performed.
This helps to avoid missing a special moment while you
wait for the camera to Auto Focus.

• Support for SD memory cards and MMC (MultiMedia

Cards) for memory expansion (page 136)

• Easy Charging (page 28)

Just place the camera onto the USB cradle to charge its

• Easy Image Transfer (page 151)

Transfer images to a computer simply by placing the
camera onto the USB cradle.

• Photo Stand feature (page 106)

A slideshow of images in file memory can be played while
the camera is on its USB cradle.

• BESTSHOT (page 71)

Simply select the sample scene that matches the type of
image you are trying to record and the camera performs
troublesome setups automatically for beautiful pictures
every time.

• Coupling Shot and Pre-shot (pages 75, 77)

Coupling Shot lets you combine two subjects into a single
image, while Pre-shot lets you add a subject to a
previously recorded background image. This means you
can create images that include you and your friend, even
if you are the only two people around. You can use
Coupling Shot and Pre-shot by selecting the applicable
sample images in the BESTSHOT mode.