Adding Audio to a Snapshot



— The camera automatically switches to the Pan

Focus mode (PF) (page 64) whenever you enter
the Movie Mode.

— The camera focuses automatically whenever you

have Auto Focus (page 62) or Macro ( ) selected
as the focus mode. Note that the confirmation
tone that sounds during the Auto Focus operation
will be recorded in the audio.If you do not want
confirmation tones in your audio, keep Pan Focus
(PF) as the focus mode, or select Manual Focus
(MF) and manually focus the image before
starting your recording.

— Auto Focus is not performed in the case of the

Pan Focus (PF), Manual Focus (MF) and Infinity

) focus modes, and so no confirmation tone

sounds. In the case of the Manual Focus mode,
you cannot adjust focus settings while recording
is in progress. Be sure to make all adjustments
before beginning the record operation.

— Certain types of memory cards take longer to

record data, which can cause movie frames to be



 flash on the monitor screen

during recording to let you know when a frame
has been dropped.

Recording Audio

Adding Audio to a Snapshot

You can add audio to a snapshot after you record it.

• Image Format: JPEG

JPEG is an image format that provides efficient data
The file extension of a JPEG file is “.JPG”.

• Audio Format: WAVE/ADPCM recording format

This is the Windows standard format for audio recording.
The file extension of a WAVE/ADPCM file is “.WAV”.

• Recording Time:

Up to about 30 seconds per image

• Audio File Size:

Approximately 120KB (30-second recording of
approximately 4KB per second)